Os comentários do Sr Atoz a Babylon 5

Continuando uma prática que iniciei algumas semanas atrás, resolvi criar uma página específica para arquivar meus comentários sobre Babilônia Cinco. Assim, reduzo o percentual de inglês do belogue ao mesmo tempo em que organizo a matéria mais conforme o (des)interesse do Leitor.

Portanto, além dos comentários que eu já havia feito sobre “There All the Honor Lies”, a partir de hoje estão no ar algumas notas sobre “Knives” e “In the Shadow of Z’ha’dum”. Infelizmente, as janelas de edição do WordPress não parecem ter sido feitas para páginas permanentes muito longas, e a formatação dá bem mais trabalho do que no Word. Esse problema só piora à medida em que o arquivo cresce e, aliás, nem sei se existe limite para esse crescimento. Portanto, creio que, algum dia, terei que arrumar uma melhor solução permanente para minhas notas. Até lá, vou colocando-as no arquivo criado hoje.



Babylon 5: “There All the Honor Lies”

Estou assistindo à segunda temporada da série. Para meu próprio registro, tenho escrito alguns comentários sobre episódios. Ocorreu-me que outras pessoas, assistindo, possam também querer esta informação. Então, a benefício delas, quando jogarem o nome deste episódio no Google, pode ser que venham parar aqui e se deparem com isto.

I am watching the series’s second season. For my own record, I have written some comments on episodes. It has occurred to me that other people, watching it, may want this information too. Thus, to their benefit, when they google this episode, they may end up here and find this.

This episode is a succession of disasters for Sheridan. Edition is therefore nervous, with innumerable short scenes and cameras zooming from side to side, giving the viewer the same uneasiness as Sheridan should be feeling.
02:47 — Now that we see where the passageway led, we can also see that, if Sheridan had ran forwards instead of backwards, he would very easily have cut the thief’s path, without the need of climbing to the level where he had been before. Of course, then there would be no episode to begin with.
13:30 — This is obviously one of the latex masks that production crew routinely uses for the Drazi.
13:40 — You can easily trace the latex prosthetics that Mark Hendrickson is wearing: its upper border runs from right in front of his ear, down through his cheek, to the front of a falsely bulbous neck. When he starts to pull it, you actually see all that there is to it, with the added utility of it passing in front of his mouth and thereby muffling his voice as if in a mask. A smart edit completes the motion in the mirror, convincing you of a full-head mask. Quite a clever job, actually.
14:00 — Universe Today: “Vorlons to make (…)” Can anyone please help me out with this?
17:56 — “Fear running out of questions” — This is really not what a warrior (such as Sheridan) would be expected to say. As a rule, the military do not encourage the habit of making questions.
18:03-04 — Watch for the break between takes: when Ivanova is shown only from the breast up, you see she is holding back her left arm. When she is shown fullbody, both arms are just hanging at her sides.
23:13 — As you watch this scene, pay attention to the intense repetition of extras walking by in the background. The same actors repeat their strolls over and over again.
23:16 — Now the human in a colored shirt (HCS) sets down his glass and rises.
23:19 — Now HCS leaves to the left.
23:24 — Is that the waistcoat Kirk was wearing near the end of Generations?
23:25 — Now who is lecturing whom on drowning trouble in alcohol?
23:25 — Now Purple-head Alien (PHA) walks to the left, followed by man wearing African cap (MWAC) and Drazi in beige robe (DBR).
23:31 — Now PHA walks to the right.
23:37 — Now MWAC walks to the right.
23:45 — Is that Mark Hendrickson walking in the back?
23:52 — Now HCS walks to the right.
23:54 — … And now PHBR walks to the right.
23:57-58 — Large robed alien (LRA) walks slowly, right to left.
23:59 — And here is Kirk in waistcoat (KWC) again.
24:03 — Here comes DBR again.
24:05 — Hendrickson walking towards you decidedly.
24:08 — There goes KWC.
24:09 — MWAC just passed again.
24:10 — And here comes DBR again; LRA is talking to someone.
24:13 — Short, grey-haired woman (SGHW) in the distance.
24:15 — Long-face alien was reading Universe Today at 14:00.
24:18 — Hendrickson, right to left.
24:19 — KWC just passed.
24:19-21 — Hendrickson like he’s waiting for someone.
24:28 — I think that was Hendrickson again.
24:33 — … and again.
24:35 — Second man with African cap (SMAC).
24:38 — Hendrickson again.
24:45 — DBR again, now at a quicker pace.
24:51 — Now DBR, talking to PHA.
24:53 — That Centauri walking — he’s appeared at least twice in the past 100 seconds (eg at 23:52-53).
24:54 — SGHW walking towards us.
25:03 — There goes the Centauri again.
25:05 — LRA just appeared in the distance.
25:07 — KWC passed again.
25:08 — SGHW walking at the back.
25:17 — LRA walking right to left.
25:20 — Was that not Hendrickson?
25:24 — SMAC walking left to right.
25:29 — There is that Centauri again at the back.
25:31 — SGHW.
25:41 — After SGHW again, the Ranger comes again, followed by Hendrickson.
25:51 — KWC just walked by, looking down.
25:56 — Look who’s here! SMAC, DBR and PHA.
26:03 — Now the Ranger again.
26:11 — KWC just walked right to left.
And many other examples appear. These were just the more obvious of the lot.
27:19 — Now who might Chester be? I can only think of Fran Fine’s dog.
28:02 — Allan did not make it much of a subtle job following Ashan…
28:06 — I believe I should take this as Lennier’s attempt at an FSNP.
31:38 — The order of delivering Ashan to Minbar came from the Minbari embassy on Earth, rather than from the Minbari embassy on B5 (i.e. Delenn). The latter would be both much more legitimate and much more practical. Now why is that?
34:59 — “I will retain honor” — now hold on there. This is not the same “honor” as they had been speaking of just seconds ago. There are two honors here, or two levels of honor. Once the setup attempt on Sheridan is revealed, the clan is going to lose honor before all Minbari, which includes Lennier — let us call this “clan honor”, which is extensive to everyone in the clan and pertains to the outer world’s perception of a clan and of its specific individuals. Now, Lennier is going to retain his own “personal honor”, but this is a sliver of honor which an individual wields before the rest of the clan — and only before the rest of the clan. There is no such “personal honor” before the rest of the world.
35:17 — Here we are, at the end of the episode, and we see someone privately confessing and explaining an elaborate plot to a (supposedly trustworthy) kinsman. Isn’t it obvious that the confession is being recorded?
35:40 — The trap was perfectly licit. If the Black Star had been crewed by honorable Minbari, they would never have thought of attacking a disabled ship and therefore never fallen for the ruse. It was their lack of honor that brought about their own undoing.
36:37 — Lennier is religious caste. Lavell was warrior caste. Surely they could not belong to the same clan?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtYCOAFPPVc&feature=related (Cantina Band on harp)